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CAF- WH Amplifier Power

CAF K2-2800

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CAF K2-2800

Product Model: K2-2800
8Ω (stereo): 2800W x2
Damping coefficient: ≥600
Weight: 7.8 Kg


The K series of professional power amplifiers is a new milestone for Class D amplifiers. Adopting advanced Class D amplifier module and high-efficiency SMPS power module, which makes the DH series have extremely high efficiency and reliability, and also has extremely high power density, which can only be provided in a standard chassis space of 1U height and 11 \\\"depth Unprecedented power.


1 1U height 11 \\\"depth standard chassis, compact size, lightweight and compact;

2 ClassD power amplifier module with fixed switching frequency;

3 soft switching LLC resonant switching power supply module;

4 Active power factor correction technology (PFC), can work stably in the full voltage (90-264V) range;

5 Efficient speaker back EMF absorption system;

6 Unique peak clipping limiter and ripple elimination network;

7 Temperature-controlled variable-speed fan, air flow from front to back;

8 Backplane connection mode selection (stereo / parallel / bridged);

9 The back panel is equipped with input sensitivity selection switching (0.775v / 1v / 32dB);

10 Full circuit protection, including: soft start, DC, infrasound, high frequency, overheating, short circuit, mute on / off;

11 Low frequency is thick and powerful, extremely low diving depth, medium and high frequency are transparent, clear and pleasant;

12 The integrated design of the power amplifier module and the power module, more than 85% of the devices use mechanical automation to ensure product consistency.

CAF K2-2800